Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long time, no blog.

First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates. First few weeks of open camp always seem to be busier than they should be. Getting all the guests everything they need, keeping motors and boats in good condition and functioning smoothly. The fishing on this lake always seems to impress me and with the way this year has begun already, it seems as though it will continue to. The water levels here are very low, mainly due to the lack of snow this winter. The usually get in the neighbourhood of 10 feet over the winter, but this year only received a mere 20 inches!!! The lake is lower than it was last season when we left, and the river, lowest I have ever seen. This has caused us, the guides, to do a little more searching than usual this spring trying to stay on pike and walleye. The low water conditions have made the river trips extremely difficult. Most of the rapids that we either float or run in the boat are far too shallow. This is really too bad because the fish are stacked in the holes. We have continued to offer our river trip to guests as a wading trip, and we generally do not get as far down as the normal trip. The fishing for the 4 wading trips we have done has been incredible. Lots of nice aggressive brookies, some exceeding 22 inches, on nymphs, spinners, wax worms, foam bugs, and mainly floating small river critters. As the water temperature begins to come up, the fish become selective and in turn more difficult to catch. Using live bait and floats for slow easy meals definitely keeps the action, and for the fly guys, very easy to match these bugs and nymphing produces large fish and good numbers.
A collection of photos from the first few trips will be posted most likely tomorrow, and I'm anxious to read your comments.


  1. Get posting mister! It's June 29th.

  2. where did you go buddy?? Great blog! You got a new follower