Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Pike on the fly.

Beautiful day today!!! Setting up camp is going as well as could be expected. We have almost all of camp set up and functioning as well as almost all the boats ready to be in the water. So, early day today. We finished work at 5pm, and headed out to do a little pike fishing. I was slinging a fly, while Kyle works a Yozuri, and Ben a Blue Fox vibrax, #5 Blue and silver, destination, Brian's Bay. We had worked the majority of the bay over, when we decided to take a quick look into a productive trough, where the wind just happened to be hitting all day. We were into fish almost immediately. Mostly small, however as we drifted tight to shore, we spotted a big fish laying right up close to shore. I casted a few feet past his nose, my eyes widened when he turned, and in one motion he coasted up and smacked my fly. He went crazy and quickly took my excess line, and got into my drag in just seconds. After a great run, big jump and what turned out to be a great fight, i reached in and grabbed him. We took a photo, and measured him at 43". I got him back into the water quickly, and smiled a big crooked grin after being splashed as he disappeared into the darkness. We landed about 25 Pike tonight, and had a great time.
I returned to camp only to find out that my boss, owner an operator, Eric Lund had caught a 44" Northern on the fly. So, I think it's safe to say that tonight was a good night.


  1. I hope you're bringing some of those back to eat. Or at least to give to me to eat. mmm...
    Doug and Jess

  2. Crap! "good night" for sure! Great fish (and blog)! Glad I found it! Cheers...